Johnny Was Warner Painters Smock Shirt

$ 216.00
When one hears the phrase ""painter's smock,"" they often think about hard work and bland patterns. This Plaid Warner Painters Smock Shirt is very different! The long-sleeved, button-up top looks so good that it would be a shame to wear it just for painting. Bright, colorful floral patterns on the sleeves and lapel give it a feminine flair, while the loose fit makes it perfect for every body type. The long sleeves and waist-length hem make it work for any season and occasion, and the button-up front means you can wear it on its own or over a cute camisole or t-shirt. Conservative without being fussy, this shirt is great for both going out and staying in. Wear with a pair of jeans and some boots for a great outfit.

Product Details:

• Material: 99% Cotton/ 1% Spandex
Long sleeves
• Button-up front
• Care Instructions: Machine wash cold and tumble low.

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